4. Discussion

From our results, we can tell that the level of humidity determines the number of lightning strikes. However, as we were unable to gather the values of the lightning data, our results may not be very accurate. We were only able to tell that the higher the level of humidity, the higher the number of lightning strikes but we can’t tell accurately how much humidity will it take for the number of lightning strikes to increase.

How can we increase the accuracy of our results?
We can use our initial data collection method which was to set up a radio to measure the number of lightning strikes and use a hygrometer simultaneously to measure the amount of humidity. To gather the values of the data, we can use a data logger and connect it to the hygrometer and radio. However, we were advised by Mr Ng that this data collection method is too dangerous and thus, we did not use this data collection method.
There is also another data collection method suggested by Mr Tan which is to use an electricity generator. By keying in the values of humidity we measured using the hygrometer and trying to generate electricity, the data of how the rate of humidity will affect the amount of lightning strikes could be collected. However, we were advised again that getting data from the weather station was easier and accurate enough.

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