5. Conclusion

As stated in our discussion, from our results, we can tell that the level of humidity determines the number of lightning strikes. However, we also stated we can’t tell accurately how much humidity will it take for the number of lightning strikes to increase but our conclusion is still accurate as data collected from the weather station is also sourced from a radio and hydrometer.
This data is accurate enough as it is our initial method of data collection, to set up a radio to measure the number of lightning strikes and use a hygrometer simultaneously to measure the amount of humidity, just done by our school's weather station. Thus, the data we gathered is accurate and the data collection method was easier yet safer.
In conclusion, we were only able to tell that the higher the level of humidity, the higher the number of lightning strikes. With this conclusion, we will still be able to spread awareness when the number of lightning strikes would be too high and advise the public to be careful even if there isn't a predicted number of lightning strikes. Thus the main goal of our research is still achieved and we conclude our study successful.

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