Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 3 NOM

Week 3 NOM
Date: 21/1/13
Time: 0905-0950
Present: Claudia, Darelyn, Matthea, Ding Wen

ItemDescriptionAction By
1Discussions and improvements of Literature ReviewRead the article we found and state the pros and cons of the data collection methods All (Individual)
2Gantt ChartTo be posted on the blogMatthea
3Risk AssessmentVoided due to new methodology-
4Generation of Gantt ChartTo collate the tasks needed to be done into a gantt chart using a web tool.Ding Wen

-Discussions and improvements of Literature Review

-2nd Review of IRS Research Proposal (Scope of Research, Procedures and Data Analysis are to be modified)

-Risk Assessment to be voided as advised by Mr Ng (Explanation to be done)

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